Report an Adverse Event


Thank you for choosing to report an adverse event. Information about adverse event reporting can be found at

ViiV Healthcare routinely monitors the safety of all its medicines. This includes review of safety data from clinical studies, and collection of reports and cases of adverse events for marketed products.

This information contributes to the continuing safety surveillance of our products. If you become aware of a patient who has experienced an adverse event, pregnancy, overdose or unexpected benefits whilst taking one of our products, we would be grateful if you would contact ViiV Healthcare on 1800 449 226 or complete the form below.

The ViiV Healthcare pharmacovigilance service is provided by GlaxoSmithKline. GSK will only use your details to contact you about your adverse event report.

Any untoward medical occurrence in a patient, clinical investigation subject or consumer, temporarily associated with the use of a ViiV Healthcare product, whether or not considered related to the product.

Any information relating to human health and/or wellbeing arising following exposure of humans to ViiV Healthcare products - such as adverse event information, including: preclinical toxicological information; unintended sign (including abnormal laboratory findings), symptom, or disease (new or exacerbated); reports of patients taking ViiV Healthcare products whilst pregnant or breastfeeding; reports of drug abuse or drug withdrawal; medication errors or misuse, including drug overdose, whether accidental or intentional; reports of off-label use; reports of drug interaction; reports of paternal exposure to a ViiV Healthcare product, information received as part of product complaints; failure to produce expected benefits (i.e. lack of efficacy); reports of occupational exposure; and information regarding unexpected therapeutic benefits e.g. an unexpected improvement in a concurrent condition other than the one being treated.

Email Medical Affairs

If you'd like to know about the safety of ViiV Healthcare products from clinical evidence please contact Medical Affairs.