Privacy Collection Statement

Privacy Collection Statement


By submitting your details, you agree to ViiV Healthcare Pty Ltd ABN 46 138 687 448 (“VHCA”) communicating with you for the purposes set out below and to the collection, storage and processing of your personally identifiable information in order to:


  • send you information about VHCA products or services, which may include promotional communications;
  • to improve the services VHCA offers you;
  • follow up on adverse events if any are submitted by you as part of this registration or other communications with VHCA;
  • respond to any questions or feedback you may have for us; and
  •  perform our other business activities and functions.

Please note that third party suppliers, selected by VHCA, may also use and store your information, in accordance with VHCA’s instructions to the extent required to enable VHCA to fulfil the above purposes.

VHCA will use your information to validate that you are an Australian registered healthcare professional entitled to receive promotional materials. Your Personal Information will be stored on a database specifically designed for this purpose and managed by VHCA and its affiliates within the ViiV and GlaxoSmithKline groups of companies. Your Personal Information may be transferred to GSK and other third party servers located overseas, including Europe and the United States. VHCA will ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect your Personal Information from loss or unauthorised disclosure.

If we do not collect your Personal Information, we may be unable to provide you with all of our services.

You may opt out of receiving communications from VHCA at any time by contacting ViiV’s customer contact centre on 03 9721 6161. Further information about unsubscribing will be provided in the e-mail communications that will be sent to you by VHCA. If at any time you choose to opt out of, or if you do not consent to, receiving communications from VHCA, you may still receive communications from other websites or business units of ViiV or GSK where you have previously consented to those websites or business units using your Personal Information for that purpose.

Except as provided above, the Privacy Policy sets out how we manage your personal information. Our Privacy Policy sets out how you can access and correct the information we hold about you, or to complain about our handling of your personal information.